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 The Members enjoyed a great annual conference at Fairmont Hot Springs,

where Nick Taber was installed as President

by NAIFA President Elect Jill Judd

and Kathy Burton was presented with the John Moore Award.











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Approaching Prospects
-- The word, ?keywords? is ?digital marketing speak? for a group of words that online users use when performing searches for a wide range of goods and services. These keywords have a higher value than other words and usually point to the information the online user is looking for. In the same vein, many financial advisors ...

People Underestimate Cost of Living in Retirement
-- People Underestimate Cost of Living in Retirement According to the Schroders Global Investor Study 2018, people globally expect to spend an average of 34% of their retirement income on basic expenses* but the reality for retirees is that they require nearly 50% of their retirement income. The study has revealed a significant gap between people?s ...

How to Keep Prospects Talking
-- When asked why salespeople don?t close more sales, a company president answered instantly, ?They don?t ask enough questions. They?re so focused on getting prospects to buy that they don?t engage them.? He?s on to something important. We?re in such a hurry to get across what we want to say to our prospects that we ignore ...

What Advisors Want
-- More than half of financial advisors believe that annuities are an important part of a retirement plan, but nine out of ten find it difficult to address client needs using a ?one-size-fits-all? approach with a single type of annuity. Of these advisors, almost all (96.4%) said they would likely increase their use of annuities if ...

Link Between Financial Status and Body Weight
-- The Association for Financial Counseling and Planning Education recently released results from a national study that examines the association of financial status and body mass index (BMI). Published in the Journal of Financial Counseling and Planning as a part of AFCPE?s special issue on health and finances, the study revealed a strong link between poor financial status ...

Advisors Serving Consumers
-- A recent study conducted by the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) surveyed consumers during a week of stock market volatility to understand investment behaviors and the potential role of financial advisors. Results show that many respondents would make adjustments to their investment portfolios based on various indicators during a week of market volatility. In addition, ...

Planning for College Takes Center Stage!
--     Summer is the perfect time for your clients to have the ?college? talk with their children: What school would they like to attend, what do they want to study, and how much will it cost? This talk is vitally important because a college education is seen by many as the gateway to the ...

How to Combat Financial Exploitation of Seniors
-- LIMRA has launched a training program titled, Recognizing Financial Exploitation, to help train the financial services industry to help detect and deter fraud. The online, scenario-based education program, is a fast and easy way to help financial professionals comply with emerging legislation and regulations. According to The United States Census Bureau, the U.S. population of the ...

NAIFA?s Diversity Symposium Offers Platform for Advancing Diversity and Inclusion
-- For the financial-services executives who attended NAIFA?s second annual Diversity Symposium, the invitation-only event was a unique opportunity to connect, learn and grow. During the meeting held in conjunction with NAIFA?s 2018 Congressional Conference, they networked with experts and colleagues, shared best practices, and gained the critical insights they need to take their D&I initiatives ...

What?s New in Employee Benefits?
-- Firms are using health and wellness discounts, employee assistance programs, and flex spending accounts.

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