MARCH 2010

NAIFA-Jacksonville Jax Advisors Online Newsletter: March 2010

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Joseph J. Maltese, CFP, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF

Message From the President
Joseph J. Maltese, CFP®, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF

“The economy is strengthening.”  “The jobless rate continues to climb.”  “Housing will get worse before it gets better.”  “Obama-care will ruin America.”   “Obama-care will save America.”  “The dollar is gaining strength.”  “Inflation is an inevitable issue.”  “Inflation is a non-issue.”  “The national debt is out of control.”  “The debt will be paid by savings in new legislation.”  “There should be sanctions for Iran.”  “Iran is not our responsibility.”  “Educational funding should be increased.”  “We must cut education spending.”  It seems everyone has something to say about the economy, politics, foreign affairs, and domestic issues.  People talk at restaurants, kids’ soccer games, social clubs, family gatherings, church functions and in the media.  Seldom, however, do people talk to their representatives in our state houses and in our nation’s Capitol.

Unless our legislators hear from each and every one of us on a regular basis, all the talk and opinions will be for naught.  Maybe, that’s okay.  After all, the founding fathers did a great job setting up our country.  In fact, for most of us, it matters not whether our legislators are predominately Republican or Democrat, liberal or conservative. 

We will still awake each morning to food for breakfast, a roof over our heads, running water and electric, fuel for our automobiles, schools to educate our children (boys and girls) and a job to go to with opportunities to gain our share of the American dream. It’s a great system. It is not, however, invincible. Things can go terribly wrong. There is a limit to how much complacency our system can take. Ours is,
“…a government for the people, and by the people.” The people must be involved.

Unless our legislators hear from each and every one of us on a regular basis, all the talk and opinions will be for naught.

Every spring, representatives from your local and state NAIFA descend upon the House and Senate in Tallahassee to assure our legislators understand what they must do to protect our profession and our clients  (Day on the Hill).  These Representatives and Senators are usually grateful for the time we spend with them helping them understand important issues that they must consider along with the other mountains of issues they are dealing with.  Among these issues are the sales tax exemptions for certain professionals including insurance agents, taxation of insurance products, health insurance mandates, government control of homeowners’ insurance premiums, stranger originated life insurance, and many others.  Too often, these legislators vote one way or the other based upon what the lobbyists and special interest groups foist upon the committees in charge of the various pieces of legislation.  Many times, they are ill-equipped to realize the full implications their vote may have one way or the other.  Legislators need to hear from real people to realize the true effects of their votes.

Our visit to Tallahassee each year is important.  More important yet is that our association is strong and our members let our legislators hear from us regularly.  Make a point of marking your calendar so that you can participate in Day on the Hill each year.  Communicate regularly with our legislators on important issues throughout the year.  Make sure that you invite all in our business to become members of our association.  We need you….ALL of you. 

Many thanks to all who share their time and talents to keep our association strong.

Be better today than you were yesterday…but not as good as you will be tomorrow.

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Legislative Day on the Hill

Special thanks to our NAIFA-Jacksonville members who participated in our 2010 Legislative Day on the Hill in Tallahassee on March 8th and 9th!

Chris Veenstra
Joe Maltese
Robert Tison
Jeff Tabor
Cherri Coombs - Ohmer
Ron Simms
Alicia Burst

NAIFA-Florida Day on the Hill

Click HERE to view and print out our official 2010 Legislative Agenda and Position Papers.

For contact information for your legislators, click on the following hyperlinks:
Senate: Find Your Senator; House of Representatives: Find Your Representative

Click HERE to view our 2009 Legislative and Political Victories.

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NAIFA-Jacksonville Membership Luncheon Meeting:
Wednesday, March 24, 2010 
University Club, 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m..
1301 Riverplace Blvd., 27th Floor ( Wachovia Building Downtown ).

Register Online

Registration and Check-In, 11:15 a.m.; Buffet Lunch, 11:30 a.m..

Guest Speaker: Jennifer Holland

"More Than a Pretty Face"
"Branding vs. Brand Development
Guest Speaker: Jennifer Holland.
Brand Strategist and Creative Director.
Holland Creative Services, Inc.

Click HERE to make your reservation securely online!

The cost for members is $20.00, but if reservations are made by 12:00 Noon on Friday, March 19th, the cost is only $15.00! For more information, please contact the Association office at or call 904-695-2300.


Jennifer is part of an elite group of agency principals who has achieved the designation of Certified Brand Strategist. The agency, Holland Creative Services, embodies dynamic communications in action with deep roots in design and interactive marketing.With a multi-faceted range of services including brand development, branding, marketing strategies and advertising to visual communications, copywriting and interactive design and development, HCS creates a cohesive image for companies it represents.

Holland Creative Services, Inc.

Jennifer has built a comprehensive development methodology that is fast, efficient and cost-effective. Her skilled, creative team works with your ideas to custom-generate innovative, unique solutions for your products and services that are synergetic with your company’s goals and strategies. When it comes to delivering exceptional solutions for clients, in addition to partnering with agencies and other marketing companies in integrated campaigns, this inspired team covers the universe of communications needs.

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Mark Your Calendars for ALL of NAIFA-Jacksonville's Upcoming Events! 

Wednesday, April 28, 2010: 
NAIFA-Jacksonville Membership Luncheon
Guest Speaker: Robin S. Weinberger, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
Director of National Accounts, Advanced Planning Services, Inc.
"Life Settlements:  Uncovering Hidden Value in Life Insurance"
Location: University Club
Robin S. Weinberger, CLU, ChFC, CLTC

Tuesday, May 18, 2010:

NAIFA-Jacksonville hosts a joint meeting with the Estate Planning Council and the Society of Financial Service Professionals of Northeast Florida for an exciting event this month!
Guest Speaker: Stephan R. Leimberg, JD
Location: University Center, UNF
Registration 7:30 a.m.
Meeting with Continental Breakfast: 8:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
Stephan R. Leimberg, JD

Wednesday, June 23, 2010
NAIFA-Jacksonville Annual Meeting, Election & Installation of our 2010-2011 Officers
"What's Hot, What's Not - Recent Rulings In Insurance Planning & Other Timely Topics"
Location: University Club

Check for the latest details on all of our upcoming events!

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NAIFA-Jacksonville Community Service:
Submitted by Alicia S. Burst, Blood Drive Chairperson

We held our quarterly Blood Drive on February 11th at Liberty Center.  We had 17 individuals participate, but only 8 of them were from our industry.  So, in order to entice more possible donors for our blood drives, I decided to offer a $100 drawing for all NAIFA-related participants from here forward.

Becky Brothers from Principal Financial Group had never donated blood, and had started doing so on behalf of NAIFA last year.  This was her comment to me when we discussed the "gift" it offers our community: "The slight discomfort I experience is nothing compared to those that really need it.  Donating blood is something I can do to give back that doesn't cost me anything but a little bit of my time."

I believe in Karma, and so does Becky.  She was the lucky recipient of the $100 cash that was drawn at our February luncheon. 

We'd also like to thank the following donors for haven taken time out of their busy day to save lives:

Kathy Birdwell (APPS Paramedical Services)
Becky Brothers (Principal Financial Group)
Chip Dempsey (Compass Consulting Group)
Margie Harner (State Farm)
Bill Howey (Principal Financial Group)
Joe Maltese (DellaPorta Group)
John McDonald (New York LIfe)
Jeanne Peterson (MetLife)

Becky Brothers, Principal Financial Group

Our next scheduled drives for the remainder of the year are May 6th, August 19th, and November 4th. You may go online to to make your appointment or to have any questions or concerns answered. You may also contact me directly, Alicia Burst at (904) 332-8100 or

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Click HERE for the latest headlines from the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors

NAIFA-Jacksonville 40-Hour Prelicensing Course

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NAIFA President Responds to New York
’ Report on Standards of Care

The front page of the February 16, 2010, Business section of The New York Times featured an article titled, “Struggling Over a Rule for Brokers.” In the article, reporter Tara Siegel Bernard referred to “three trade groups representing the industry.” Although unnamed in the article, the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA) is one of the trade groups referenced as opposed to the proposed regulations.

In response to the article, NAIFA President Tom Currey, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF states, “This proposal is a major departure from current law and has never been analyzed to determine if it would provide any greater consumer protection than the current standard that now governs the business transactions between broker-dealers and

their customers. That standard is based on the “suitability” of products that meet a customers needs and includes detailed and heavily enforced FINRA consumer protection rules.”

Currey continues, “Suffice it to say, the fiduciary standard did nothing to protect Mr. Madoff’s clients.”

Tom Currey, CLU, ChFC, LUTCF

Click HERE to read The New York Times article.

Click HERE to view the op-ed article written by Thomas Currey, President of NAIFA.

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2010 NAIFA Career Conference and Annual Meeting, Seattle, WA

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2010 realLIFEstories
Client Service Awards

2010 realLIFEstories Client Service Awards: CALL FOR ENTRIES

A realLIFEstory is a true story that illustrates how the benefits of insurance, along with exceptional service on the part of a qualified insurance professional, made a world of difference in a client’s life at a time of great financial need.

Why should I enter? There’s a large and growing problem of too many Americans not having adequate insurance protection to safeguard their families’ financial futures. LIFE uses realLIFEstories to educate consumers about insurance and motivate them to obtain needed coverage.

By entering a story, you’ll make an important contribution to LIFE’s public education efforts. In addition to featuring some of the stories nationally in Newsweek, LIFE uses the stories it collects in many other ways – on its website, in videos, in marketing flyers, etc. If you are chosen as an Award Recipient, you’ll also receive some personal benefits. In addition to the national exposure in Newsweek, you’ll receive an all-expenses-paid trip to the NAIFA National Convention in Seattle, WA from September 11 - 14, 2010.

Award Recipient Benefits:  
- Your story will be featured in a September 2010 issue of Newsweek, which reaches nearly 13 million Americans
- You and a guest, as well as your client and a guest, will receive an all-expenses-paid trip to Seattle, WA from September 11 - 14, 2010
- You will be honored by your peers at the annual convention of NAIFA
- Your story will help millions of Americans realize the benefits of insurance and the important role of qualified insurance professionals like you
- Your stature and visibility in your local community will be greatly enhanced

DON'T DELAY! The deadline to enter is March 31, 2010. Enter online at

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Application for 2010 Manager's
Membership Award Now Available

The Manager’s Membership Award (MMA) is now exclusively online in 2010! Please encourage your qualifying agencies to apply for this award that recognizes managers and their organizations for their membership support and commitment to the financial services industry.

Applications for 2010 Managers Membership Award Now Available

Agency Managers must be GAMA members and must have a certain percentage of their agents be NAIFA members. Make the MMA part of your membership recruiting strategy! Please keep in mind that Northwestern Mutual Agencies who achieve this award are eligible to have the national portion of their membership dues (a $300 value) refunded to each agent that is a current NAIFA member.

All MMA applications must now be submitted online. No faxed, mailed or emailed applications will be accepted.

For complete award requirements and the online application, please visit  All applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. Eastern on June 30, 2010.

If you have any questions regarding the Manager’s Membership Award, please call the NAIFA Member Service Center at 877/TO-NAIFA (866-2432) or email

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Play a Key Role in Improving the Next Generation’s Financial Literacy Play a Key Role in Improving the Next Generations Financial Literacy

In its ongoing work to reverse the trend of financial illiteracy among high school students, the LIFE Foundation recently unveiled a new interactive version of its acclaimed Next Generation insurance education program – NextGen3. Agents can play a key role helping teens get a grip on insurance and financial fundamentals by delivering this program to their local high schools and offering themselves as expert speakers.

NextGen3 is the third edition of the LIFE Foundation’s acclaimed high school insurance education program. First introduced in 1997, LIFE’s Next Generation program has served more than 50,000 teachers and reached over 25 million students. The program provides teachers with the tools to educate their students about the basics of risk management, life insurance, health insurance, disability insurance and financial planning.

The cornerstone of the program is a newly launched Web site,, built for today’s technologically savvy teens. It employs artificial intelligence (AI) that gives teens real-time answers to their questions, as well as online lessons and interactive games, to make learning about insurance fun and interactive — at home or in the classroom.

In addition to the Web site, the NextGen3 program includes a DVD containing an educator’s guide, student workbook and various videos featuring teens sharing their real-life experiences that underscore the value of insurance. The educator’s guide instructs teachers on how to incorporate the videos, student workbook exercises and Web site resources into their teaching strategy.

Educators can order a free NextGen3 DVD online at Agents can order NextGen3 DVDs online at Use the NAIFA10 promotional code to receive a 10-percent discount.

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With more than 58,000 members, NAIFA is the largest financial services membership association in the United States. NAIFA is a federation of 700 state and local association all striving for the same common goal: to protect your livelihood and your clients' financial security. To join or renew securely online, please visit, or click HERE to download a PDF of the Membership Application.


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