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Christopher Veenstra

President's Message
Christopher E. Veenstra

"Each one, reach one."

In an effort to help protect our industry NAIFA has reported the below information. Our members and non-members need to know what NAIFA is doing for us on Capitol Hill. I encourage each one of you to reach one non-member and share why it is important to be a member of NAIFA. Without NAIFA and our members, we will not succeed in protecting our industry!

Did you know that the 111th Congress has produced 2,464 bills of interest to NAIFA members?

•  953 Financial Services bills
•  656 Health Insurance bills
•  453 Retirement bills
•  183 Long-Term Care bills
•  87 Life Insurance bills
•  67 Estate Tax bills
•  65 Annuity bills

Did you know that the 111th Congress has produced 2,464 bills of interest to NAIFA members?

Americans recently sent a message to Capitol Hill with our votes. The people spoke by our number of votes and hopefully we will be heard. When NAIFA goes to Capitol Hill to fight for our industry the number of NAIFA members matter the same as our votes did in this recent election.

Regardless of your political affiliation or how you feel about the recent election, we all are concerned about what is happening to the insurance industry. We have over 3,500 agents in north Florida that are riding on the coat tails of us 319 NAIFA-Jacksonville members. We need the non-members as members so NAIFA can send a message to Capitol Hill.

If you feel uncomfortable talking to the non-members about being a member of NAIFA; send an email with the agent's name and phone number to our membership team or myself and we will personally follow up. I can be emailed at or I can be reached via phone at 904-814-2777.


FORE!!! NAIFA-Jacksonville's 9th Annual Golf Tournament was held at The Golf Club of South Hampton on Monday, November 8th. Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to the players and sponsors who made this annual event a tremendous success!

Check our website at for highlights as well as the latest news and updates on all of our upcoming events.

NAIFA-Jacksonville 9th Annual Golf Tournament



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NAIFA-Jacksonville Over the Airwaves:
Is Life Insurance Part of Your Risk Management Plan?    .

On October 5th, WFSU's Gina Jordan talked with NAIFA-Florida's Bob Lotane and 40-year
NAIFA-Jacksonville member Denny Axman on the importance of Life Insurance.

NAIFA-Jacksonville Over the Airwaves

For complete details and the audio broadcast, click here:


Cheryl Canzanella

Cocktails & Contacts: YAT's Strategic Alliance Networking Event!
By Cheryl Canzanella

This unique networking event took place at Seven Bridges on Tuesday, November 2nd.  Comprised of like-minded professionals throughout the financial services industry, this was an opportunity for new advisors to mingle with other local professionals such as Estate Planning Attorneys, Financial Advisors, Accountants, Business Owners, CPAs and many more.

Networking and building connections can be a valuable tool to contribute with the growth of our businesses.  We originally had over 30 RSVPs; however, the rain had an impact on our attendance.  With 20 attendees and plenty of great feedback, I'd say this event was an overwhelming success!  In fact, many of our attendees hit the voting polls early in addition to making it through the awful weather just to join us!  

Thank you to the several members who joined us: Jon Castle, Alicia Burst, Lesa Steinberg, Howie Frank, and  Michael Schlueter.

We hope to make this a regular YAT event, so if you are interested, please contact Lesa Steinberg at or Cheryl Canzanella at

Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

The mission of the Young Advisors Team (YAT) is to SOW the value of membership with new and young advisors, so they are empowered to SURVIVE their first years in the business, to GROW into involved NAIFA members and become successful advisors who THRIVE in the industry and our association.

If you're a member in your first 5 years of business, you're already a YAT member!

For more information on the benefits and programs offered to NAIFA's YAT members,
please visit

Young Advisors Team


NAIFA-Jacksonville 40-Hour Prelicensing Course
Available Live and Online! Click HERE for complete details!.

NAIFA-Jacksonville 40-Hour Prelicensing Course


Approved by the Dept. of Fin. Svcs., Course ID #38274. Check for more information.


NAIFA-Jacksonville 2010-2011 Membership Contest
By Gene Bryant, NAIFA-Jacksonville President Elect

If I Was to Guess:

If I was to guess, I’d guess your favorite color is green. I’d guess two favorite numbers are 5 and 0. I’d also guess your favorite President is Grant. How did I do? I’m neither a psychic, nor a psycho. I learned these things from our Membership Committee: Margie Harner, Cindi Cook, Cheryl Canzanella, and Jon Castle.

Here’s the rest of what I learned: If it’s green with a 5 and a 0 and it has Grant’s picture, it is a Fifty-Dollar bill! That $50 will be yours if…

• you are a “Sponsor” of a new member of NAIFA-JAX;
• your name is drawn at our monthly meeting;
• you are present to win; and
• you are not currently a Board member.

NAIFA-Jacksonville 2010-2011 Membership Contest

Then, I’d guess that you are either picking up your phone, jotting a note, or chatting with our next member of NAIFA-JAX. That’s exactly what our Membership Committee said you will be doing.

Are we right? Come to our next meeting so you can claim your $50!


Gene Bryant

Our Membership Committee wants to know:
Have you ever needed… ?  . 

By Gene Bryant, NAIFA-Jacksonville President Elect and Membership Chair  . 

1) Have you ever needed a loan, but didn’t have the resources to finance? 2) Have you ever needed to get somewhere in 20 minutes, but your car has a flat tire and there’s no spare? 3) Have you ever needed to mow the lawn, but you have no gas? 4) Have you ever needed to get the black slacks from your closet, but they all appear black because you have no light? 5) Have you ever needed to finish a report in 30 minutes, when you thought you had the weekend to complete it? 6) Have you ever needed to FAX an important document, but their FAX message prints “no answer”? 7) Have you ever had someone promise without fail to take care of your pet for the week you are out of town on a business trip, but you can’t get them to return your calls?

Maybe one of the above applies to you. Even two of those things you need may apply to you and we are considered normal. I think we all would agree that we are in pretty sad shape, as an individual, if we find ourselves in need of all seven shortfalls, week after week, month after month. Say it ain’t so!

Here’s the good news: We do not need even one of the seven items listed above. So comparatively speaking, we are in pretty good shape. Wouldn’t you concur? Here’s the real news. We need seven people, week after week, month after month. Who are they? One of them is you. The second is sitting to the left of you. The third one didn’t make this meeting, so call him and let him know what is needed. The fourth one is to your right. The fifth just needs an encouraging call from you. The sixth has been starting a new business and is very busy, but will be here if you really need her. And, the seventh is retired, just waiting for you to ask for help.

Who are they?

The breakdown of duties for the seven look like this: 1) Manager for Facebook; 2) Manager for LinkedIn; 3) Manager for Sponsorship Reward Program; 4) Volunteers for Face-to-Face Meetings or to go to lunch with new members; 5) Need Volunteer to call Agency Branch Managers; 6) Volunteers to Make Agency Presentations; and 7) Volunteers to assist with phone calls to members, organized by Margie and Cindi.

This is our opportunity to help with something. Need training? We have it. Need a Mentor? We have them. Need questions answered? Call or email Gene, Jon, Cheryle, Margie or Cindi… Whatever your need, we have answers! But, we do need you!


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The Transition from AON to CalSurance:
What NAIFA Members Need To Know    .

Beginning January 1, 2011, the Professional Liability Insurance Program endorsed by NAIFA will be made available exclusively to NAIFA Members by CalSurance Associates, a division of Brown & Brown of California, Inc. Calsurance welcomes new and returning NAIFA E&O program participants.

• Click HERE for a FAQ regarding The Aon/CalSurance transition
• Click HERE for more information on renewals after 12/31/2010



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Thank You to NAIFA-Jacksonville's IFAPAC Contributors!
( JANUARY 1, 2010 - SEPTEMBER 27, 2010 )    .


Dennis Axman, CLU, ChFC, AEP, CFP
Alicia S. Burst
Cherri Coombs-Ohmer, LUTCF
Wayne Cooksey
Craig A. Dewhurst
Margie Harner
Garland S. Hudson, CLU
Maureen A. Kirschhofer, CLU, ChFC
Joseph J. Maltese, CFP, ChFC, CLU, LUTCF
Emmett W. Mankin, LUTCF, CFP
Robert D. Markwalter, II
Clay McRae
Kyle P. Mooney
Van Mullinax
Michael P. Saunders, CLU
Kathleen A. Scott
Robert Warren Tison, LUTCF
Timothy L. Von Ebers, CLU, ChFC
Gary L. Webster, LUTCF
Robert A. Zeiner




The Insurance and Financial Advisors Political Action Committee (IFAPAC) is a term used to describe collectively the PAC sponsored by NAIFA at the federal level and the PACs sponsored by each state association. Each PAC is a fund that supports the campaigns of candidates for public office who understand issues important to insurance agents and financial advisors. IFAPAC’s goal is to help the associations advance the legislative and regulatory interests of the members of NAIFA.

Have you made your 2010 PAC contribution?

For more information about IFAPAC and to make contributions securely online, please click HERE. To download a printable IFAPAC contribution form in PDF format, please click HERE.


Robin S. Weinberger, CLU, ChFC, CLTC

Don't Overlook the Hidden Value in Term Policies!
Submitted by Robin S. Weinberger, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
and Peter N. Katz, JD, CLU, ChFC

Term insurance is typically bought to cover a temporary need and, at some point in time, it either expires, reaches the end of its rate guarantee period, becomes unnecessary or becomes unaffordable. When any of these events occurs, a life settlement may be a way to recover some "salvage value" for your client.

We find that the most likely candidates for a term policy life settlement are retired or retiring business owners or key employees. Businesses frequently own or pay for a variety of insurance policies for buy sell, stock redemption, key man or fringe benefit purposes, and, more often than not, these policies are term insurance.

With the business out of the picture, some life insurance policies, like those for a buy sell, are often no longer needed. Or, since the business, not the insured, was likely paying the premium, the policy may no longer be affordable. Finally, if the business was sold, the need for estate liquidity may have changed.
Here's a recent case example:

A male, age 70, retiring business owner had completed the transfer of a family business to succeeding family members. A $5 million term policy owned by his son for business continuation purposes was no longer needed. Instead of surrendering the policy for no value, the policy was sold for $100,000 in a life settlement.

Keep in mind that term insurance life settlements can be time sensitive. Be especially on the lookout for policies nearing the end of the level premium guarantee period as well as policies with conversion privileges that are about to expire. Usually, to be eligible for a life settlement, a term policy must be convertible to universal life.

Whether or not a business is involved, it always pays to evaluate term policies to determine if there could be any settlement value. Look for term policies issued preferred or standard with an insured over age 70 that has had some decline in health since the policy was issued.

Before a term policy lapses, give us a call so that we can help you to uncover potential hidden value for your clients. There's nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain!

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