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Christopher Veenstra

President's Message
Christopher E. Veenstra

With the New Year comes a renewed desire for success and prosperity.

Why not have 2011 be your best year, ever?  We have so many resources available to us thru NAIFA, opportunities and resources to develop our careers.  If you work on improving your knowledge, as you do your diet and exercise, you can't help but to realize improvements. It's those with the emotional fortitude to kick their own behinds that make their goals.

Please plan to come to our monthly meetings where your Board has worked hard to bring quality speakers. There is much value that comes to you with your NAIFA membership, IF you take advantage of the programs.

I challenge you to make a commitment to learn something new this year. My wish for you is that 2011 will be the year you really take advantage of your chosen field and find at least ONE more client daily to help.  Plan to attend the breakfast meetings and you will likely leave having learned something very valuable to bring to your practice.

As always, "Each one, reach one".  We need the strength of numbers, more than ever, in NAIFA. 


NAIFA-Jacksonville Blood Drive
Thursday, February 10, 2011, 1:30 to 4:30 PM .
Blood Mobile, 7077 Bonneval Rd. .
Jacksonville, FL 32216


If you have any questions about donating blood, please contact the The Blood Alliance at (888) 447-1479 or visit the website at If you have any questions about the blood drive, please contact Alicia Burst at

Why Give Blood?
Every day patients in southern region of the United States need blood transfusions to recover from illness and injury. Our goal is to collect about 350 pints daily to meet these patient needs. We hope you will join us by giving the Gift of Life - a blood donation.

NAIFA-Jacksonville Blood Drive



NAIFA-Jacksonville Annual Awards Luncheon: Wednesday, January 26, 2011



NAIFA-Jacksonville 40-Hour Prelicensing Course
Available Live and Online! Click HERE for complete details!.

NAIFA-Jacksonville 40-Hour Prelicensing Course

JAN. 7-10,  FEB. 18-21,  MARCH 18-21,  APRIL 8-11,  MAY 13-16,  JUNE 10-13, .
JULY 8-11,  AUG. 12-15,  SEPT. 9-12,  OCT. 7-10,  NOV. 11-14,  DEC. 9-12

Approved by the Dept. of Fin. Svcs. / Course ID 38274. Check for more information.


Cheryl Canzanella

YAT Road Trip to Attend "Day On The Hill"
By Cheryl Canzanella .

YAT is taking social networking to a whole new level!

YAT Road Trip to attend Day On The Hill

NAIFA-Jacksonville's YAT (Young Advisors Team) invites YOU to join us Monday, March 14th for our 1st Official YAT Road Trip to attend NAIFA-Florida's Legislative Day on the Hill in Tallahassee. We will rent the van and provide the driver so you can relax, unwind, and most of all socialize. Meet influential people in our industry, make new friends, discover new business opportunities and expand your business prospects and contacts.

Legislative Day on the Hill is your opportunity to participate first-hand in the political process. Not only will you have the opportunity to see dozens of our lawmakers and regulators at work, but you will also have the opportunity to mingle with them to underscore the importance of insurance and financial services professionals in the marketing and sales of insurance and financial products. Come meet the people who affect your business!

This is a chance for your voice to be heard! Whether at the Capitol in Tallahassee or on Capitol Hill in Washington, NAIFA works tirelessly to protect the careers and business environment of our members! Legislative and regulatory advocacy is one of the most important benefits NAIFA offers its members. There is strength in numbers and our numbers are heard clearly in Tallahassee by members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, the Governor's office, and the Department of Financial Services.

Early Bird Registration Available! To print out a PDF registration form with all details and schedule of events, CLICK HERE! For complete details and to register online, CLICK HERE!

2011 YAT Leader of the Year Award
Application is Now Available Online!

You know this YAT... the member that always volunteers and makes sure the task gets done right.  He or she has a successful business, but always makes time for NAIFA.  This person is well regarded in his or her community and can always be counted on to help out.

YAT: Young Advisors Team

Make sure this volunteer gets recognized for his or her efforts!

If you know of an outstanding YAT in your association, make sure he or she is nominated for the 2011 YAT Leader of the Year Award. Visit to learn more about qualifications for this award and to access the online application.  Requirements for the 2011 award have been modified, so please visit the website to learn more.

Please note that all applications are due by May 31, 2010.  All applications must be submitted online; no mailed, faxed or emailed applications will be accepted.

Questions? Email

The mission of the Young Advisors Team (YAT) is to SOW the value of membership with new and young advisors, so they are empowered to SURVIVE their first years in the business, to GROW into involved NAIFA members and become successful advisors who THRIVE in the industry and our association. If you're under the age of 40, or if you're a member in your first 5 years of business, you're already a YAT member! For more information on the benefits and programs offered to NAIFA's YAT members, please visit


Robin S. Weinberger, CLU, ChFC, CLTC

Looking Ahead
Submitted by Robin S. Weinberger, CLU, ChFC, CLTC
and Peter N. Katz, JD, CLU, ChFC

With the New Year under way, here are our observations and predictions for life settlements in 2011.  As you will read, we are bullish on the industry and excited about the opportunities to help clients participate in the secondary market for life insurance.

Capital Continues to Return:  The purchase of policies ramped up in the 4th quarter of 2010 and is continuing into this year.  Almost every week we receive an announcement of a new funding source that we can make available to our clients.  More evidence of the increased interest of investors in the settlement market is the recent report that a subsidiary of the private equity firm, Kohlberg & Co., is entering the market through the purchase of a major life settlement provider.  This steady uptick in investor interest in life settlements will continue and accelerate in 2011 as the economy continues to improve.

Better Legislation and Regulation:  Almost 90% of the U.S. population now lives in a state that regulates life settlements and the remaining states will be enacting their own legislation.  It should be noted that most states have adopted legislation based on the consumer-friendly NCOIL model which is supported by the settlement industry.  This gives both buyers and sellers additional layers of comfort and protection throughout the life settlement process.

Broker Consolidation Will Continue:   The number of life settlement brokerages declined substantially in 2009 and 2010.  This trend will continue as smaller and marginal players drop out.  The increased cost and complexity of doing business in a more heavily regulated environment make many smaller life settlement brokers no longer viable.  Also, with the demise of STOLI, brokerages that emphasized that business are already gone.  The good news for consumers and producers in all of this is that what will be left are a smaller number of larger, compliance intensive life settlement brokers.

Producers Going Direct Disappearing:  The expanding regulatory burden, the fiduciary responsibility to properly shop life settlements, and the increased investor/provider fussiness over who they will do business with mean that producers who go the do it yourself route are an endangered species.  Many providers will not do business without a life settlement broker's involvement and therefore, producers who go direct lose the benefit of the exposure to all available funding sources.

$5 Million Estate Tax Exemption Prolongs the Uncertainty:  The two year increase in the estate tax exemption to $5 million should not produce a flood of policies for life settlement.   Advisors and their clients are more aware than ever of the fickle nature of tax policy and the many other important benefits that life insurance provides like wealth creation and income protection.  However, in this economic environment there are still many clients struggling to pay premiums and combined with the perception that, in the long term, a return to a $1 million exemption is unlikely, there will be some increase in policies looking to be settled.

NCOIL Disclosure Means Better Informed Consumers:  More states will enact the NCOIL model disclosure law requiring insurers to inform elderly consumers who are about to lapse or surrender a policy that the option of a life settlement exists.  Agents of companies that prohibit them from doing life settlements will increasingly be caught in an unenviable position between their company's restrictions and the best interests of their clients.  At some point, the insurance companies and broker-dealers that prohibit their producers from participating in a life settlement will have to recognize the responsibility that producers have to their clients.

As we have said many times, "The starting point for considering a life settlement is after someone has exhausted all other options and decided to surrender or lapse a policy; it is not an alternative to keeping a policy."  With that in mind, if you combine the positive outlook for additional capital, the favorable legislative scene, and the knowledge, experience and access to capital that we have available, 2011 should be a good year for life settlements.

As situations come up, we welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you.

Jax Advisors Online is a monthly publication of the Jacksonville, FL chapter of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and advertisers and do not necessarily represent those of NAIFA-Jacksonville.


NAIFA-Jacksonville 2010-2011 Membership Contest
Submitted by Gene Bryant, NAIFA-Jacksonville President Elect

If I Was to Guess:

If I was to guess, I’d guess your favorite color is green. I’d guess two favorite numbers are 5 and 0. I’d also guess your favorite President is Grant. How did I do? I’m neither a psychic, nor a psycho. I learned these things from our Membership Committee: Margie Harner, Cindi Cook, Cheryl Canzanella, and Jon Castle.

Here’s the rest of what I learned: If it’s green with a 5 and a 0 and it has Grant’s picture, it is a Fifty-Dollar bill! That $50 will be yours if…

• you are a “Sponsor” of a new member of NAIFA-JAX;
• your name is drawn at our monthly meeting;
• you are present to win; and
• you are not currently a Board member.

NAIFA-Jacksonville 2010-2011 Membership Contest

Then, I’d guess that you are either picking up your phone, jotting a note, or chatting with our next member of NAIFA-JAX. That’s exactly what our Membership Committee said you will be doing.

Are we right? Come to our next meeting so you can claim your $50!


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