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NAIFA-RichmondThank You NAIFA-Richmond Volunteers!

Special thanks to our members who volunteered for Junior Achievement's Finance Park outreach program on April 17th!

This half-day program provides assistance to local high school students to provide guidance and insight as they are faced with decisions about budgeting, savings, insurance and housing. 

This year's Finance Park was held at Libbie Mill Library where JA has created an exciting reality-based learning environment for middle and high school students. NAIFA-Richmond members teamed up with JA to help improve the financial literacy of future business leaders and employees.

Thank you for your expertise!

NAIFA-Richmond Volunteers at JA Finance Park on April 17 2019

Front Row: Paul Martin, State Farm; and Julie Whitaker, State Farm

Second Row: Eddie Schneider; Michael Andrews, Lincoln Financial; Jay Denny, AXA Advisors; and Ben Deales, Smiley's Glass

Back Row: Bob Basham, Virginia Asset Management; Mike Casey, Voya Financial Advisors; and Rodney Bowen, State Farm

For a short YouTube video about JA Finance Park, click HERE.  Visit the JA Finance Park web site here:

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